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The Second Time Around Handbag

Like most women I love a good handbag. I dream of the day when my closet will be lined with any type of  hermes birkin bags. In the meantime, I love shopping at reseller shops, both online and in storefronts, for quality bags. It’s a great way to get a handbag for the fraction of the cost.

There are certain things that you should look for when shopping online for a used handbag. You should examine the pictures closely. Even though pictures don’t always tell the full story you can learn a lot about the handbag’s condition by looking very closely at them. You want pay attention to the handles to see if they show any wear from handling. Aim to have little to no wear on the handles because this is one of the most prominent parts of the handbag, an area very visible to others. Another part to pay attention to is the bottom of the handbag. Make sure the corners have little to no wear around the edges. Worn edges are a dead giveaway for a used handbag that is not in the best condition.

You’ll also want to examine the inner lining for tears or stains. Now the lining will not be visible to anyone except yourself so there is some room for latitude here. If you find a used handbag that you love and the lining is not in the best shape it may be possible to repair it by cleaning and sewing. Also, if the outer handbag is in good condition but the lining has some imperfections you may decide to use it anyway because in most cases no one will see the lining. So in this case it’s a matter of what imperfections you are willing to accept.

If you are looking for a very high-end designer bag be aware of the fact that there are many fakes being sold as authentic second hand. It would be worthwhile to purchase a designer bag from one of the reseller sites or stores that has an expert on hand to verify the authenticity of the bag. Make sure that the expert looks at the actual handbag and not photos. Even the best photos can hide the signs of a fake handbag. Also, in this way you will have a product guarantee in case a problem does arise with the bag.

It is true that you have a better chance of locating quality bags when going to secondhand stores in wealthier areas. In this way I’ve personally located many designer handbags for a fraction of their cost. Another trick I’ve discovered is not to discount any place without looking at its contents. I’ve found designer handbags in some places that you would never think they would be located. So always look around slowly and carefully because you never know what hidden treasures you may uncover in the unlikeliest places.

Once you’ve located your bag, you’ll want to have certain supplies on hand for cleaning and repair. If the bag is leather, you’ll want to have a good leather cleaning solution, leather lotion and a rag for rubbing the solution into the leather. Be sure to test the solution in an inconspicuous place before applying to the entire bag. You’ll also need regular dish washing liquid and a small toothbrush for cleaning the inner linings. A good fabric deodorizer is also recommended to spray the lining to remove any odors from being in storage.

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