The California Style Everyone Loves

California is a well-known place. Its known for Hollywood. Its known for its beautiful landscape. Its known for its sandy white beaches. It is also known for its style. Californians have found a way to craft a style that so many like. Their style has become iconic. Almost anywhere in the world can this laid-back style be seen. But just in case you’re not sure how to craft a beautiful California style, below are some ways you can be styling the California way.

How does one define the California style? The apparel style of this state is cool. Its effortless. There are some Bohemian elements that have shone in the state’s fashion sense. The girls of the Golden state have a certain air about them. Carefree and chic could be two words used to describe the fashion sense of this state. You don’t have to be a style expert to know this state loves breeziness and flowy items in their wardrobe. They love to show off their legs and arms. And sometimes they like to show off their shoulders too. It is hard to pinpoint an exact word to define the California style. But we will try our best to give you the run down on this iconic fashion style.

You can’t be a California style lover without loving flowy and floaty fashion pieces. From L.A. to San Francisco to San Diego, flowy items are essential to a California style. West Coast vibes can be felt in chic accessories and the outfits too. These accessories and outfits always embody materials that do not cling. The fabrics California’s prefer are airy and light. Dresses, blouses, belts and handbags are all typically made of light fabrics that flow beautifully.

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The beach loving people of California would not have a complete outfit without a pair of sandals. If you want to share in on the cool vibes of California, opt in for a pair of sandals that go well on the beach. If you want to party it up in the Hills like Californians, get a pair of sandals with a block heel. Bright colors are a California thing. They will spice up your outfit and give your outfit a bold element.

Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the California rays. The Golden State is known for its sunshine. Having the perfect pair of shades is essential to crafting a California style. Get you a few different shades that have different lens shapes and colors. Having a pair of shades to go with every outfit will give your looks great variety.

Lastly, California goes beyond just a fashion sense. It also includes hair. Try out some highlights in your hair. For you girls with curly and wavy hair, the California style includes hairstyles that often times have more texture. If you’re feeling bold add a streak of purple or pink or red into your luscious locks. Flowy wavy and curly hair will go perfect with your flowy attire, sunglasses and sandals.

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